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July 2013

"Elizabeth is skilled in therapeutic massage. I appreciated her ability to find my problem areas and to produce results in alleviating them." 

Oct 2013

"Elizabeth Hale is a master at massage. Over the last year she has made such a difference in my quality of life. During my rehabilitation for a rotator cuff injury she was able to completely eradicate all pain and increase range of motion at the shoulder joint.  Elizabeth uses a combination of myofascial release, deep tissue, and trigger point techniques to decrease pain and tension in any areas I may be experiencing discomfort. She is very good at individualizing each session to meet my current needs and I always feel relaxed and loose after a session with her. Elizabeth's hours and availability are flexible and she is able to schedule appointments that meet my needs.  I am very pleased with the bodywork I receive from her."

Nov 2013

"I have been Elizabeth's client for about two years and the massages she provides are like no other. As a matter of fact they are more than a typical "Deep Tissue" massage. Her knowledge and application of myofacial is like no other!! When I initially met with Elizabeth, my shoulders were hard like bricks and I couldn't rotate my neck. After meeting with her consistently for 2-3 months, my overall flexibility and ability to rotate my neck, shoulders, etc. improved drastically. Thank you Elizabeth for your patience and sharing of your gift of "massage and healing" with others. My body thanks you!"


January 2014

"I've been a client of Elizabeth for over 3 years. I first started seeing her after the suggestion of my Chiropractor. I noticed I was developing a "Dowager's hump", that old lady stooped over appearance. The Chiro treatments did offer help but the biggest change came from Elizabeth. She does some magic with with back and shoulder muscles so they don't pull me forward. I can now lay flat on a table rather then only my mid back and top of my head touching. Over the years she has resolved many pulls and strains I have brought to her. My most recent issue was a fall in which I managed to break 4 ribs. Conventional medicine could address the pain but could offer nothing to speed recovery or prevent a possible chronic problem. Elizabeth has been working on the muscles around the ribs so the mending bones don't cause further problems. I highly recommend Elizabeth. Her treatment will be individualized for you. Her professionalism and expertise are beyond compare and she is a lot of fun."


JUNE 2014

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work. You are a skilled and caring practitioner! I had a very positive experience with you and look forward to returning for follow-up work."


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